Ocean Garden Inn, Lincoln City, Oregon, 1-800-866-9925

Seven serene Ocean Front units, Nestled among perennial and bulb Gardens, and decorated with original art, photography and fresh flowers. All rooms have private ocean view balconies or decks from you can watch hypnotic waves or resident grey whales. Tha air is different here. You can feel it.

Of the five kitchen suites, Library and Flight have panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. Solitude and Sea Life have fireplaces; the Garden Suite has a large gourmet kitchen which also makes this unit perfect for business meetings or retreats. The Lighthouse and the Art Gallery units are cozy and comfortable with mini-refrigerators and coffee makers. The Inn provides all guests with a choice of pre-ground coffee, coffee beans and/or herbal tea.

Call 1-800-866-9925

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