....Halfway, Oregon officially changes town's name to Half.com

Magazines Online Relating to Oregon

Oregon's Agricultural Progress Online

The Oregon Angler Magazine

The Asian Reporter

The Bonneville Power Administration Journal

Business @ Home

Capital Press Farm and Ranch News

A Political Magazine

Computer Bits

News from the Confederated Umatilla Journal

Daily Shipping News

Freshwater News

Arts & Culture. Serving: North & Central Oregon Coast & the Washington Peninsula

Historical Gazette

The Jefferson Monthly

Oregon Cycling Magazine

Oregon Heath Forum

Our Town Magazine

Positively Entertainment & Dining. Serving Portland, Surrounding Areas, and Seattle

"The Skanner. Challenging People to Shape a Better Future Now"

The Whole Shebang Arts and Entertainment Magezine. Serving the Southern Oregon Coast

Two Louies Magazine -- Oregon Music

Upper Left Edge -- Arts, Environment Rational Dialogue

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