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Netarts, Oregon is 75 miles west of Portland, Oregon and 7 miles west of Tillamook..
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Map and Directions to Netarts, Oregon

Netarts, Oregon is just off US Highway 101, located on Hwy 131, a short distance from Tillamook. Netarts is the gateway to Netarts Bay where fishing and crabbing are common! Netarts is almost due west of the city of Tillamook in western Tillamook County. Although on the water, it is protected from the ocean by the long Netarts Spit. Just south is Cape Lookout State Park. Three Capes Scenic Loop passes through Netarts.

Directions:(From Portland, OR)

NOTE: If you are approaching Tillamook on Highway 101 from the North or South, commence directions at Step 5 by turning WEST onto 3RD ST.

  1. Take US-26 WEST towards the ocean beaches.
  2. Approximately 20 miles outside of Portland, take OR-HWY 6 towards Banks/Tillamook.(left exit)
  3. You can also proceed west along Hwy 26 to Cannon Beach and head south on Hwy 101 to Tillamook.
  4. It is approximately 50 miles from the Highway 6 turnoff to Tillamook. As you come into Tillamook, HWY 6 becomes 1ST ST.
  5. At the second light, turn LEFT onto MAIN AVE (a.k.a. HWY 101)
  6. Go two blocks and turn RIGHT onto 3RD ST. It is approximately 7 miles from Tillamook to Netarts.
  7. As you proceed out of Tillamook, 3RD ST. becomes NETARTS HWY.
  8. About 1 mile out of town the road forks. Take the left fork toward Netarts. Be CAREFUL in Netarts, posted speed limits are strictly enforced.
  9. Continue on the NETARTS HWY following signs toward Netarts.


Netarts is located 7 miles west of Tillamook

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