Welcome to the State of Oregon

Preserving its past and shaping its future
Dense green forests, snow capped mountains, unspoiled ocean beaches, wheat-covered prairies, wilderness lakes and rivers, awsome desertlike plateaus--few states can match Oregon's natural splendor or the exceptional variety of recreational pursuits it offers.

Oregon is located on the West Coast of the United States, with Washington State to the North and California to the south.

Renowned for its forests and fertile farm lands, Oregon's Willamette Valley was the destination of pioneers who journeyed westward in the mid 19th century, following the well worn ruts of the Oregon Trail. What makes Oregon special?
What makes Oregon so special that newcomers as well as old-timers regard the state so protectively?
What attractions draw visitors in ever increasing numbers?
What qualities in the land and its people contribute to the Oregon mystique?......
A land of scenic splendor
Variety in climates and seasons Sightseeing highlights
Oregon-- A state of mind
Love of the outdoors
Concern for the quality of life
A pride in its past
A willingness to try new ideas
Self-reliant and friendly people
Towns of manageable size
A concern for the future
Enjoying yourself in Oregon---
Parks and Campgrounds
National Forests and wilderness areas
Fishing and Hunting
Boating on Oregon's waterways
Life at the Beach
Driving Oregon's highways and byways
More information.
State Agengies
Federal Agencies

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